Thank you so much! Lilija was not only inspiring as a person, as a women, but also helping to start programme witj discipline and carefully guiding. Also very attentive ti everybody's needs, giving personal attention to everyone and taking into account everyone desease. I am still having her voice in my head - that for me i need with calmness to do everything. I have it when I am stressed or worried as a way I was guided. Thank you so much for personal time for all my deseases and personal situation. Lilija dedicated time personally and gave me very good tips and advices. Thanks to the programme I am going out of very low emotional state in which I have been for almost two years. With the help of the programme and Lilija I am feeling after lot of time emotionally much more stable, calm. Finally I am sleeping much better. Before I was sleeping with lpt of tension, had lot of nightmares and woke up many times in the night. Now I am sleeping calmly, even I start waking up in the early morning and I sleep less hours I feel not so tired like before. I am still having intetestimg dreams but not so much scary nightmares! My life become much more calm. My relationshio with parents (especially mother) of my husband become much closer and better as before (before I had lot of bad feelings about them and could not forgive for lot of things). I even invited them for dinner and I was very happy! Before it was suferring and pretending to do it. I am much more honest with them. My relationship with husband become more calm. We had lot of problems before. My changes started from emotions and relationship. Until now I did not notice big changes in the physical health which could be seen bit I am still doing the exercises. Because I know everything will come on the time. And all my problems came from emotional and mental state. Besudes, I have noticed less paint in the legs, i am feeling much more enerhetic and effectuve in work. I start again attracting lot of people even in the street. I am much more calm when I am on the distance with my husband. Very important thing. Lilija also was patient for me with the language. My spoken and written Russian language skills are very pour but she always spent time to reply my unclear written questions and even to speak with me. I know I have started the way and its only the begining. Still lot of to do. But I am very very happy about it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Sandra